60 Tips From a Woman of 60 years To a Woman of 30, You Should Keep in Mind

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Time is definitely something we can not fight against. It is common for people in general, feel hopeless by the fact of aging, even though we know it is a natural process, no one knows how to face it until it touches.

So common is this fear, that surely everyone would put it on the list of their fears. For this reason, receiving advice from experience never fails us.

Mrs. Margaret Mannin is a woman who already reached the age of 60, so it is logical to think that her experience collected throughout her life is very varied and interesting. She along with other women of similar ages collected some of the best advice they can offer us.

Margaret retired at the age of 60, wanted to try new experiences of reinventing herself in some way. After watching the young women become distressed by age, she made the decision to publish this useful and wise advice.

They say that the experience comes with age, look at the advice of a lady of 60 years

-You only live once.

-Look for the positive side of your experiences.

-Live in the present.

-Keep your life full.

-Things can change unexpectedly.

-Enjoy every moment with love.

-That passion sits in the things you do, in your present

-Do not worry about the future that has not yet arrived.

-Avoid confinement, enjoy your surroundings.

-Find jobs that motivate you, make you feel and live experiences.

-Never change who you are even if time goes by.

-Do not avoid aging, it is a natural part of life.

-Accept physical or mental changes that bring the years.

-Stay honest with yourself.

-Remember the saying: “A woman needs a room for herself, and $ 500” reflects what she means to you.

-Keep positive memories, but do not get caught in the past.

-Do not listen to the stereotypes of society about getting old, do it your way

-Do not worry about getting older, better think about how not to get bored.

-Age is only a number, it does not define you.

-The weather is unstoppable, take advantage of it.

-Be inspired and do not stop reading or writing, things that leave lessons.

-Fashion is not complicated, wear classic clothes and avoid spending too much on shoes.

-Forget about wrinkles, having them means the path of your life.

-Be grateful, do not let fear dominate you, reaching that age is very positive.

-Nobody is perfect, do not try to make your life just live well, love your family, be honest and real

These are just some important tips you should share with your friends and family.

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  1. I am 71 and almost lived my life close to this advice,…. just one addition… don’t frown a lot… I still have no frown lines and not many wrinkles… be content with what life throws on you… I did not have it easy but hope kept me going…………………x

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