Top Holistic Author, Famous For Fighting Big Pharma, Found Dead

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A holistic author was found dead, at the untimely age of just 51.

The holistic spokesperson, author and researcher Ann Boroch was found dead at her home.

Ann was one of the small number of figures who was publicly in favor of holistic ideas and methods, the antithesis of Big Pharma.

She gained acknowledgement after curing he own multiple sclerosis at the age of just 24, and went on to pen two successful books Healing Multiple Sclerosis and The Candida Cure.

She was outspoken against vaccines, citing the dangers that other anti vaxxers are concerned with, and dedicated her time to helping people break free from the grasps of Big Pharma, promoting health and holistic nutrition and living wherever she could.

Her family shared the sad news of her passing on their Facebook page, saying:

“It is with a heavy heart we share with you that Ann Boroch, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. Many of you are familiar with Ann’s story. 

“Throughout her early 20’s, she battled Multiple Sclerosis. When traditional medicine provided no relief, she created her own self-help program and discovered that yeast and fungal toxins are the main culprit in autoimmune disease. By diligently maintaining a strict candida diet, Ann was able to cure herself of MS. Grateful for the healing triumph, she realized that it had become her mission to educate the public.

“Ann went back to school and became a naturopath, certified clinical hypnotherapist and certified nutritional consultant. After that, Ann opened her own practice in Los Angeles, and for almost 20 years has been the guiding light to healing for thousands of people around the world.”

Ann believed the way to cure the world’s illnesses was by education and understanding of the diseases, rather than taking pills and medicine to deal with the symptoms.

Ann is just one in a long line of holistic supporters who have died in the last 18 months, often under suspicious circumstances.

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