The Best 7 Uses Of Mango Leaves You Never Knew

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We all love mangoes, and these tropical fruits are native to India but are grown in numerous countries.

Its leaves are reddish or green, and after some time, turn dark green. Yet, they are extremely important as they offer numerous health benefits.

Apparently, they are a rich source of:

– Lavonoids

– Antioxidants

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin A

– Vitamin B

– Phenols

Therefore, these are their health benefits:

Regulate blood pressure – These leaves strengthen the blood vessels and lower high blood pressure

Soothe breathing issues – Boil mango leaves in water, sweeten with honey and consume this remedy to treat asthma, common colds, flu, and voice loss.

Treat diabetes – Mango leaves are high in tannins and anthocyanins which treat early-stage diabetes, Just leave them to dry, crush them to make a powder, and use it to treat diabetes.

Mango leaves also treat diabetic angiopathy and retinopathy – Soak the leaves in a cup of water, strain, and drink daily. This remedy contains ethyl acetate and 3betaraxerol, which activate GLUT4 and assist the synthesis of glycogen, so it is also helpful in the case of hyperglycemia.

Treat anxiety – In India, people hang these leaves at the doorstep to prevent anxiety and stress. Add a few leaves in your bath and enjoy the relaxing and soothing experience.

Cure wounds – use the powdered leaves to make ashes, and apply it on the affected areas.

Treat earaches – Extract the juice of one leaf, heat one teaspoon, and use it as eardrops.

Prevent dysentery – Take dry mango leaf powder diluted in some water for 3 days.

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