Sugar Industry Hid Evidence of Links to Cancer and Heart Disease For Half a Century

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The sugar industry sat on health risk information for 50 years.

The rise of obesity in almost every country in the world has been attributed to a lack of understanding about the foods that we eat on a daily basis.

The blame however has shifted from high fat foods, which were once thought to be the worst, to sugar.

Many doctors now agree that sugar is worse for you than a high fat or high salt diet, and has been linked to many chronic, avoidable illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

New information has now surfaced which reveals that the sugar industry knew exactly how dangerous their products were in tests found back in 1967, but they buried the facts in order to keep their sugar train going for as long as possible.

Sugar has been found to be physically addictive and people have real and severe withdrawal symptoms when cutting it out of their diet.

Sugar has also been linked to cancer, tests have shown that cancer cells ‘feed’ off sugar and they thrive when in a body which has been fed with a high sugar diet.

The JAMA Internal Medicine have reported how the Sugar Research Foundation was set up in 1967 to test the effects of this new wonder-food.

In the post-war world, high sugar and high calories diets were a novelty, and were encouraged to give people as much energy as possible, something that had not been available to much of the world during the war years.

But the results of the studies conducted were not what the sugar industry wanted to hear.

As PLoS Biology have reported, The Sugar Research Foundation linked sugar to bladder cancerwhen tested on mice and suggested a link between sugar and coronary heart disease. The study was promptly stopped and the results were never published.

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