Amazing Anti-Inflammatory, Gut Healing, Blood Purifying Sleepytime Drink

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The traditional Ayurvedic and Indian drink that is usually consumed before bedtime is the turmeric milk. In the United States there is a similar custom using warm milk before going to bed.

Even though, when I was a kid I did not love this drink now I definitely enjoy it. It offers a warming effect on the body that calms you and puts you to sleep.

In order to improve the anti-inflammatory properties I actually include some ginger in it. You can also use honey to sweeten the taste… but it also offer additional healthy benefits.

My choice is coconut milk that it is abundant in lauric acid and has lots of healthy fats, capric acid and antimicrobial lipids, that provide antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

I think you will love this just as much as I do

Turmeric offers numerous beneficial healing properties and has the ability to:

– Aids in detoxifying the liver by improving its work, and also promotes the bile flow and thus prevents gallstone

– Soothe and heal the digestive tract and because of the antiseptic properties in can hinder ulcers

– Reduces arthritis pain because of the content of powerful anti-inflammatory properties

– Improves blood circulation and makes the blood thinner (people who are on blood-thinning meds need to be careful)

– Lowers the fever and torment linked to illness

It can also…

One host from scientific researches has analyzed the capacity of curcumin in the cancer fight. Curcumin has the ability to battle few cancer cell types in the lab.

Curcumin also hinders and decelerates cancer in the colon, fore-stomach, breast, duodenum, liver and skin in animals.

Curcumina also possesses anti-angiogenic properties which mean that it can decelerate the formation of new blood cells in tumors, leads to asphyxiation of tumors and as result it hinders their metastases and growth.

Here is the recipe to prepare this amazingly beneficial drink:


– 1 teaspoon turmeric

– raw honey to sweeten, if desired

– 2 cups coconut milk (or milk of your choice)

– 1/4 teaspoon black pepper (black pepper can improvethe absorption of turmeric)

– 1 piece of ginger sliced

Note: you should not use black pepper if you have ulcerative intestinal issue.

Black pepper is also been associated with small cuts I the bowels of those who suffer from Crohn’s disease.


– Put all the fixings in a saucepan, but leave out the honey and mix nicely

– Put on medium heat until it begins to boil

– Reduce the heat to low and leave it for five minutes to simmer in order to meld the flavors

– After that you need to strain the ginger

– Put in the honey and mix

– This is enough for 2 portions so there is an extra to share it

Here is the way I always have it on hand for utilization:

Put in a small jar:

– To use: Mix 1 teaspoon of the powdered mix with 1 cup of milk

– Cover the jar and shake to combine

– 3 Tbsp turmeric

– 1 Tbsp powdered ginger

– 2 tsp black pepper

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