He Used 2 Ingredients, Avoided Knee Surgery And went Home Pain Free. He Decided To Share His Amazing Cure With All Of You!

Today we share the amazing story of a 44-year-old man who avoided knee surgery with the help of 2 ingredients only.

Tuzlak Elvir D., 44, had chronic knee pain as a result of extensive standing and working for 8 months.

After visiting a doctor, he was told that he won’t be able to stand again unless he has a surgery. As he wanted to avoid the surgery at all costs, he started looking for a natural solution.

An older lady he’d met advised him to try this remedy using only 3 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of salt. She told him to mix these 2 ingredients well then soak a piece of cloth or gauze in it and wrap it around the painful area leaving it on overnight.

After doing the treatment for a week, Elvir’s pain disappeared and his knees fully recovered.

Proper body posture depends on healthy knees. Plus, these joints support leg movement including walking, running, jumping or standing.

With age, proper lubrication of the joints becomes reduced making the ligaments and tendons less flexible and mobile. As lubrication is a natural process, all you can do to prevent its loss is to try natural remedies like the one we recommend in this article.

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Avoid Your Surgery: Recipe for Removal of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days

One of the most common problems which can appear in many parts of the body and is more common in women are cysts. The methods used in medicine are usually very painful as well as invasive.

Luckily, in this article, we’re going to present you a natural remedy for cysts which will help you get rid of them without pain!

Here, we’re going to discuss about lipomas. They are fatty tissues which resemble a knot. They can be mostly found subcutaneous or right below the skin.

You can locate lipomas anywhere on your body, but mostly on your neck, armpits, shoulders, trunk etc. They don’t usually form in the internal organs or in the muscles.

Some people describe lipomas as “a rubbery bulge” that you feel like it’s moving. They can grow very slowly, for example, during several months or years. The smallest lipomas are less than 2 inches across, while the biggest go above 8 inches across.

These skin growths are very common. Some people also have more than one lipoma.

They appear in all age groups and can also appear during the birth of a newborn baby. Still, they can mostly be seen in people between 40 and 60 years of age.

Lipomas aren’t very dangerous for your health, but they look bad and can be extremely painful. That’s why people want to get rid of them very fast.

Some specialists claim that lipomas are benign tumors and are very similar to cysts. Still, they aren’t equal and are usually confused with the cysts called sebaceous.

Even though they are described as tumors, they aren’t malignant and can’t spread on other tissues or organs.

How can we treat lipomas?

Many lipomas don’t cause problems and don’t hurt, so people don’t treat them.

Make sure your doctor checks your lipoma by an ultrasound. If it is painful for you or you hate having it, your doctor or a specialist can remove it.

The doctor gives you an anesthetic by an injection which is administered locally around the lipoma. When the anesthetic starts to work, the doctor makes an incision and in that way, removes the lipoma. He / She puts stitches on the incision to close it.

If the doctor can’t reach the lipoma with a simple incision, then it will have to be removed in an operating room while you’re under general anesthesia.

Natural Way to Remove Lipomas

We’re offering you a natural and very simple recipe that will help you remove cysts and lipomas.


– 4 tablespoons of organic Aloe Vera gel

– 2 tablespoons of raw organic honey


Mix both of the ingredients in one bowl.

Put the obtained mixture on the area with the lipoma or cyst. Make sure that you apply a very thick layer of about 1 cm of depth.

Put a plastic wrap on it, so that you can be sure that the mixture stays in place.

Leave it to stay like that for 36 hours. Repeat the procedure for 4 more times.

The whole procedure will take you about 7 days.

You’ll feel and see the difference after only 1 week. The tissue will start to dissolve and disappear very soon!

Your Lipstick Is Full Of Cancer-Causing Heavy Metals & Chemicals – Avoid THESE 18 Brands

Billions of dollars each year are pulled in by major cosmetic companies and the majority of these products aren’t tested.

In actual fact, they may be one of the most harmful things you can use on your body, not to mention the cacophony of chemicals but also, many makeups are full of cancer-causing heavy metals.

Do you have any idea of what’s in your makeup?

Most personal care products don’t undergo any sort of regular testing, and is only loosely regulated – in fact, if you check, you’ll note that most don’t even include a list of ingredients.

Chemicals don’t have to be ingested to be dangerous. Sometimes, they are absorbed through your skin which can prove to be worse. It’s a nasty cocktail you might be subjecting yourself to every time you apply makeup.

As the Canada-based Environmental Defense group noted when they tested 49 different makeup items in a report titled “Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals In Face Makeup” the heavy metals present in lots of widely available commercial makeups is truly astonishing.

Researchers studied many major cosmetic brands and found serious heavy metal contamination in virtually all of the products;  96% contained lead, 90% contained beryllium, and 61% contained thallium. An additional 51% contained cadmium, while 20% contained arsenic.

Those are not things you want to be absorbing through your skin.

Cadmiun, for instance, is a known carcinogenic material, and any of these heavy metals, when absorbed regularly, can cause long-term heath effects to develop over time. With consistent use, they may increase your risk of cancer, reproductive disorders, and many other health issues.

In particular, be aware of these eighteen most dangerous makeups:

1. Maybelline Color Sensational (#125 Pink Petal)

2. L’Oreal Colour Riche (#410 Volcanic)

3. NARS Semi-Matte (#1005 Red Lizard)

4. CoverGirl Queen Collection Vibrant Hues (#580 Ruby Remix)

5. NARS Semi-Matte (#1009 Funny Face)

6. L’Oreal Colour Riche (#165 Tickled Pink)

7. L’Oreal Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor (#748 Heroic)

8. CoverGirl Continuous Color (#025 Warm Brick)

9. Maybelline Color Sensation (#475 Mauve Me)

10. Stargazer Lipstick (#103c)

11. Revlon Matte (#009 Fabulous Fig)

12. Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color (#27 Mauvey)

13. Avon Beyond Color (#558 Mad for Mauve)

14. L’Oreal Endless (#530 Mauve Amour)

15. Revlon ColorStay (#375 Ripened Red)

16. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Toffee)

17. Revlon Super Lustrous Peal (#631 Luminous Pink)

18. Revlon Super Lustrous Peal (#643 Satin Plum)

Instead, consider safer alternatives – or learn to make your own natural makeups!

Check out the video below for some lead-free lipstick ideas:

109-Year-Old Woman Said Secret To Long Life Is Avoiding Men

A 109-year-old woman in Scotland said in January that the secret to her longevity is this: Eat your porridge and avoid men.

Centenarian Jessie Gallan, who never married, was born in a tiny two-room farm cottage where she slept “top-to-tail” with her five sisters and a brother on a straw mattress, reported The Daily Mail.

Gallan told the newspaper that her “secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.” She noted that she also “made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.”

Last year when she turned 108, she credited her porridge — but not avoiding men — as the reason for her longevity.The oldest person in the world is currently

Susannah Mushatt Jones, who turned 116 over the summer. She claims that eating bacon is the secret to long life.

Last year, a national survey of centenarians in the United States found that the secrets to long life include plenty of time with friends and family and a commitment to fitness.

Jessie Gallan, died three months after her birthday in January 2015.