Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is what you MUST know

Cancer is dangerous. Don’t flirt with disaster. Don’t eat it and don’t go near it.

Don’t drink it. Don’t put it on your skin. Yes, this is a warning not to put cancer on or inside your body. Cancer is in GMO pesticide DNA seed designs and the treatments used on vegetables and fruit.

Cancer is in sun block lotions full of toxins that hold in your sweat and block out the vitamin D you would normally get from the sun. Cancer is in cosmetics, makeup, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos.

Cancer may be lurking in your refrigerator, your pantry and in your medicine cabinet, but it has an archenemy.

Cancer has a rival that destroys it like an M-60 leveling a field of enemy soldiers.

It’s called “hydrogen peroxide,” and the “lame-stream,” mainstream media will tell you how “dangerous” it is at 35%, but they won’t tell you that you can drip a couple drops in a glass of water each day and end cancer.

Yes, it’s true.

Cancer thrives in an acid-heavy system, where the blood and the organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat and artificial food.

The heart and brain struggle to filter out the toxins found in most conventional forms of food, like antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, bleach, ammonia, fluoride, heavy metals and much more.

This is why the doctors and oncologists tell chemo patients not to eat alkalizing foods like kale, because it will “interfere with the chemotherapy.”

God forbid you should try to alkalize all that acid that’s killing your GOOD cells. Most cancer patients die as a result of the chemotherapy and radiation damage to their non-cancerous cells.

In other words, your good cells that are trying to help your body beat cancer are deprived of oxygen also, leading to new cancers and often death within 5 years.

“The most overlooked solution to all manner of illness and disease is perhaps the simplest. All pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic. They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive with an abundance of oxygen. Even cancer cells cannot exist in oxygen. They depend on fermenting glucose to survive and multiply.”

What should you do, whether you have cancer or not? Alkalize your body, that’s what.

Now keep in mind, hydrogen peroxide does not rebuild the immune system or repair the cells damaged by toxic chemo; however, there’s no better time to welcome that “change of season” for the regeneration of new cells, skin, hair and organ cells than right now. This is preprogrammed in your DNA. Men and women have the same schedule:

120 Days – NEW Red Blood Cells

90 Days – NEW Skeleton

60 Days – NEW Brain Cells, Tissue

49 Days – NEW Bladder

45 Days – NEW Liver, NEW DNA Cell Material

30 Days – NEW Hair, NEW Skin

5 Days – NEW Stomach Lining

Getting enough hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells is key

It has been clinically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer is “inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells.” That means that the more oxygen, the slower the cancer spreads.

Conversely, the less oxygen, the faster the cancer spreads. If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die! Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells, because cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down the hydrogen peroxide and stop it from doing its work.

The key to curing cancer with hydrogen peroxide is getting ENOUGH hydrogen peroxide INSIDE the cancer cells.

There is a scientific description of this: Proteolytic enzymes, also called pancreatic enzymes, literally cut apart the thick protein coating that covers cancer cells, so the immune system can recognize the cells as cancerous.

Well, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand that!

By cutting apart the protein coating, the hydrogen peroxide then gets inside the cancer cells. You won’t hear about that on any CNN “cancer special” or on “Dr. Oz.”

Science has known this for 50 years

Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated OVER 50 YEARS AGO the basic difference between normal cells and cancer cells.

Both derive energy from glucose, but the normal cell requires oxygen to combine with the glucose, while cancer cells break down glucose without oxygen, yielding only about 1/15 of the energy per glucose molecule that a normal cell produces.

This is why cancer cells have such a huge appetite for sugar and why people who are obese get cancer more often. It’s called the “biochemical cascade.”

Hydrogen peroxide and several other oxygen therapies are proven to be safe and effective. Pay attention to what you buy though, because 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is the only grade recommended for internal use.

Beware of the 3% “Pharmaceutical Grade.” This is the grade sold at your local drugstore or supermarket. This product is not recommended for internal use, because it contains an assortment of stabilizers which shouldn’t be ingested.

Home use advice: Some individuals add a cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to a bathtub of warm water and soak for 20 to 30 minutes. The hydrogen peroxide is absorbed through the skin, which is your largest organ.

Others drink a glass of water with several drops of food or reagent grade hydrogen peroxide. Also look into digestive enzymes.

Researchers have noted for years a correspondence between low levels of enzymes and cancer; in fact, enzyme therapy has been used with good results against cancers in Europe and by some doctors in the United States.

If You Are A Noodle Lover, You MUST Read These Findings!

College students tend to eat instant noodles for lunch or dinner because they are fast to prepare and cheap.

Although you may think of noodles as bad food, you would say they are not as bad as eating a burger, for example.

Dr. Braden Kuo of the General Hospital in Massachusetts may make you think twice before saying you love noodles.

With the help of a little camera, he was able to see what is going on in your stomach after you consume noodle. The outcome was shocking.

In the video, you can see Ramen a type of noodles, in one’s stomach. After two hours, they are still undigested. And, this is something to worry about.

Actually, it could overload your digestive system, so it is forced to work for a long time in order to digest this food.

The irony is that the food that is quick to digest has fiber that gets broken down easily, so it interferes with the sugar in the blood and the insulin release.

Also, when food needs longer time to digest it is impacting the nutrient absorption as well.

And, when it comes to noodles, there is not a lot of nutrients, but there are additives like the toxic preservative tertiary butyl hydroquinone. So, besides your noodles, these additives will stay in your system as well. The result may not be good.

If You Have 5 Grams of TBHQ, You May Die

Even though the byproduct of the petroleum industry TBHQ is frequently known as an “antioxidant,” it is, in fact, unnatural, synthetic chemical with antioxidant properties. It prevents oxidants of oils and fats, so it prolongs the life of processed foods.

Processed foods like McDonald’s chicken nuggets, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Teddy Grahams, etc., have this ingredient.

Anyway, this product can be found in lacquers, pesticide products, varnishes, cosmetics, and perfumes, and it serves to lower the evaporation and make them more stable.

The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives explained that TBHQ is safe for intake only at the level of 0-0.5 mg/kg of the human’s weight.

Nonetheless, the Codex commission said that 100-400 mg/kg is allowable, but it depends on the food that is added to.

For instance, chewing gum can contain the highest level of TBHQ. In the USA, the FDA does not allow more than 0.02 percent of its oil and fat content.

As we can see, there is a disagreement in the allowed and safe levels of consuming TBHQ.

However, the best thing is to have little or none at all of this toxicant. According to A Consumer’s Dictionary of Food Additives, 1 gram of the toxicant causes nausea, vomiting, tinnitus, delirium, sense of suffocation, and collapse.

TBHQ is probably not a persistent toxicant which means your body is capable of eliminating it, so it would not bioaccumulate. But, if you consume instant noodles your body may be exposed on the toxicant for a longer time.

EWG did animal studies which showed that TBHQ results in low doses of liver effects and biochemical changes, reproductive effects at high doses, and positive mutation.

Instant Noodles Related to Metabolic Syndrome

If you are noodles lover, you should know that the Journal of Nutrition published one study that revealed women who ate noodles had a high risk of metabolic syndrome.

In fact, those women who consumed instant noodles more than two times per week were 68% more probable to have a metabolic syndrome (central obesity, high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, increased triglycerides, and low HDL cholesterol).

If one has three or more than the symptoms, they are at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Another research revealed that instant noodles do not belong to the list of healthy foods.

Those people who ate instant noodles did not consume significant nutrients like calcium, protein, iron, potassium, niacin, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Also, these people had a lot of energy, unhealthy fats and sodium (one package – 2,700mg).

What Else Do Noodles Have?

According to Prevent Disease, dried noodle block had palm oil, wheat, and salt. The flavoring powder has salt, seasoning, sugar, and monosodium glutamate.


Back in 2012, June, the KFDA found that six brands of noodles (Nong Shim Company Ltd) contained Benzopyrene which is a substance that causes cancer.

Even though the KFDA reported the amounts were not harmful, Nong Shim noticed some problems in certain groups of noodles.

Monosodium Glutamate

If you need a reason to stay away from noodles, then that is the MSG. It is an excitotoxin which overexcites your nerve cells, so they may be harmed or even die so that you would get a brain dysfunction as well as harm to different degrees.

Also, it may cause learning disabilities, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases, etc. Moreover, glutamic acid is contained in MSG too.

It also affects the brain, nervous system, eyes, pancreas and other organs. And, MSG causes obesity in people.

Improver Your Health and Go Back to Whole, Living Foods

Consuming a package of noodles from time to time, it will kill you. However, if consuming substituting convenience foods for real food becomes a habit, then health problems will for sure happen.

You need to avoid instant noodles if you do not want to be sick and fat. Since processed foods contain high amounts of fructose, sugar, artificial ingredients, refined carbs, and they are low in fiber and nutrients.

Actually, processed foods make you feel addicted, and they are created to cause overeating. Also, they cause food cravings which lead to obesity.

The consumption of processed foods also causes chronic inflammation and insulin resistance, which lead to chronic or serious diseases.

And, you know that people consumed veggies, meats, eggs, fruits, etc., while, processed foods are newly invented.

Removing processed foods from your menu needs making plans in advance, but that is possible, you only need to want to do it.

8 Types Of Food You Must Never Eat If You Suffer From Joint Pain!

The Joints form the very connections in between our bones. They offer support that helps you move. Any harm to the joints through disease or even injury may interfere with your own movement as well as cause a large amount of pain.

A variety of conditions can result in painful joints, including osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, along with other injuries. Pain in the joints is actually very typical.

In one nationwide survey, around one-third of the adults noted having some joint pain in the previous 30 days. Knees pain is the most frequent problem, followed by the shoulder joint and the hip, however, joint pain can impact any section of your own body, from the ankles together with feet, to your shoulders along with hands.

When you get older, uncomfortable and hurting joints come to be increasingly more typical.

Joint pain may range from slightly annoying to unbearable. It might go away for a few days or weeks (acute), or it can last for numerous months (chronic). Also, short-term pain or swelling within the joints can impact your quality of living.


We all love those doughnuts, chocolates and other sweets, but you will want to avoid them if you are afflicted by joint pain. Highly processed sugars induce the discharge of inflammation messengers better known as cytokines.

This includes sugars in chocolate, candy, sodas as well as cereals along with other snacks. Extra sugar in your body also places pressure on the joints and may lead to putting on weight.


Monosodium glutamate better known as MSG is really a flavor-enhancing ingredient that is most often found in the soy sauce as well as Asian meals.

But it can be found in junk food meals, pre-prepared soups and sauces as well as soup blends, salad dressings and also deli meat. MSG may trigger inflammatory reactions in the body as well as worsen the joint pain.


Alcohol is not just tough on your liver. Excessive drinking also has an adverse effect on your joint pain. Beer consists of purines.

They are converted directly into uric acid crystals in the body, that is extremely bad for your joint pain. Light beer also consists of gluten, which may be harmful to delicate joints.


White flour goods just like bread along with crackers, white colored rice, white colored potatoes and lots of cereals tend to be refined carbs.

Studies have demonstrated that highly processed carbs are usually the main reasons for obesity along with other chronic disorders.

These foods have got some very high glycemic index. They fuel the creation of AGE, which induces inflammation.


Both red-colored and the processed meats incorporate purine as well as nitrate.

These types of chemicals worsen pain as well as inflammation in your body.

Studies have demonstrated that red-colored and highly processed meats not just trigger the swelling, they also assist in cancer development.


For most people, dairy products are an extremely inflammatory meal. Studies have demonstrated that most of the adults have at the very least some trouble digesting dairy, regardless of whether they know about it or they don’t.

If you make dairy a big part of your diet plan it can cause an inflammatory reaction. If you happen to suffer from joint pain, it’s better to keep milk products off your diet plan.


Many packed and pre-made meals consist of excessive levels of salt along with other preservatives to be able to promote lengthier shelf life.

Refined sodium is full of additives as well as chemicals which disrupt the actual fluid equilibrium in your body. Focus on what’s within your food. Stay away from junk food as well as microwaveable servings.

If you would like to utilize salt whenever cooking, substitute the common table salt with the much healthier Pink Himalayan salt.


Many snack foods and baked goodies contain corn oil and also other natural oils that are full of omega-6 essential fatty acids. Studies have demonstrated that these types of oils can cause swelling.

Avoid peanuts, soy, dressings for salad and grape seeds oil. Substitute meals that are made up of omega-6 acids with the much healthier anti-inflammatory omega-3 alternatives like olive oil, nut products, pumpkin seed products and flax seed.