The Lie We All Live..! Everybody Should Watch This Video, Spread It!

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Freedom is a luxury afforded by less than you’d think. Many of us are lucky enough to live in a society that professes to offer it but how many of us are actually free?

What you find in our society is that many are a slave to their job. Yes, on the face of it they are free, they have the luxury of ‘choice’ but still they ‘choose’ to work 60 hours a week, in the pursuit of eventually having enough money to be free?

But is this choice? and does that sound like freedom?

The media and big corporations feed us a narrow notion of what our goals should be and constantly highlight what success looks like.

They encourage us to set out in the relentless pursuit of these narrow objectives and sadly…

“life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it.”

So how do you achieve true freedom? Simply, through imagination. Don’t live a life working constantly for tomorrow because you’re alive today.

Sadly, never is this idea given more clarity than after someone close to you passes away, but why do we wait for that.

While the video below is more theatrical than even the headline of this article, and maybe not the usual ‘Happiest’ post I encourage you to give it time.

If you watch till the end it really does have the potential to change your life.

Watch the video below, then share with your friends.

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