You Will Be Surprised To Know a Product That Although It Is Delicious, and Is Highly Toxic

The product we are talking about has reached sales records; It is widely distributed throughout the world and why not say it; we all love it Frequently, they are used as snacks at parties and social gatherings. Its delicious flavor and crispy texture make it impossible to stop eating them. Today you will know a product that although it is delicious, it is highly toxic.

We are talking about the famous potato chips: Pringles. These potato chips have become one of the most popular snacks in the world. Today we will explain to you why we say that this product is highly toxic; like other similar brands in the market.

Highly toxic and carcinogenic, do not let your children eat them

Actually, if we knew what we are eating, it would not seem so delicious, much less we would give it to our children.

To know why we make this statement we will explain how these chips are made. Keep reading so you can find out why this product is highly toxic.

How are the famous Pringles made?

Initially, the base ingredients such as rice, wheat, corn and potatoes mix and form a kind of pasta or dough. This paste is spread in very thin layers that are placed on a conveyor belt, where they are pressed with the molds that give them their characteristic shape, to be then passed through boiling oil.

Once they are cooked, they are blown with industrial devices to remove and dry excess fat; and finally, they are sprinkled with the powders of the flavors that we know: cheese, bacon, BBQ, and others.

Why is it a highly toxic product?

It could be thought that since its origin is vegetable there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is that it has been shown that starches, when passed through boiling oil, can generate a large number of toxic substances.

According to a report prepared by the EU, it was demonstrated that the cooking at high temperatures of the potatoes, generates more than 800 different substances; of which 52 are highly carcinogenic. In particular, a compound called Acrylamide was detected that is generated during the cooking of the Pringles.

Acrylamide is a toxic chemical component that is produced by cooking high-starch foods at high temperatures. In addition to being a neurotoxin, this component can cause male infertility, genetic malformations in babies and cancer.

It has been proven that in certain doses, Acrylamide can affect the nervous system of animals and humans. The doses of Acrylamide contained in Pringle’s potatoes exceed the safe amounts.

In 2005, the state of California sued the manufacturers of potato chips for not warning consumers of the risks that can lead to consuming the acrylamide present in their products.

After knowing this interesting fact, do not they seem so delicious? This information motivates us to be more alert regarding the consumption of chemically processed products. We always choose to consume healthy snacks and educate our children in a conscious way about the damages that these products can cause to the organism.

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Did you know that most shampoo is a chemical mixture of many toxic ingredients? These chemicals are very harmful to you and to the environment.

Even shampoos claiming they have “all-natural ingredients” aren’t safe and dangerous. Manufacturers of these still use things ammonium laurel sulphate. Doesn’t sound all-natural, right? My rule is – if you can’t eat it, then you shouldn’t put it on your body.

Here are the main toxic ingredient you’ll want to avoid in shampoo:

– Sulfates – Sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates are foaming agents and can be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane, a probable carcinogen.

– Certain preservatives – These preservatives including parabens are linked to breast cancer and hormone disruption. Parabens have been discovered in low concentrations in breast cancer tumors and have the ability to weakly mimic estrogen.

– Artificial fragrances – The term fragrance is a term for thousands of chemicals that include hormone disrupting phthalates, as well as skin irritants and allergens.

Petroleum products – Ingredients that come from non-renewable resources are not environmentally friendly.


If you are experiencing some health issues, the culprit may be your shampoo or other personal care products.

Ingredients in most shampoo brands can cause asthma symptoms, sinusitis, allergies, and could even lead to cancer.

Since your body can not recognize these ingredients, these chemicals wreak havoc with the immune system, causing viruses, colds, , and even fungal infections.


According to the  Environmental Working Group, the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood. Can you imagine how many chemicals and toxins you have been exposed to in your life?

The most effective and inexpensive way to detox your body is to take spirulina. According to many recent scientific studies, spirulina helps support healthy detoxification of  built up toxins from the body by binding to  them. Thus, these toxins are  carried out of the body through natural processes of elimination.


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Your Lipstick Is Full Of Cancer-Causing Heavy Metals & Chemicals – Avoid THESE 18 Brands

Billions of dollars each year are pulled in by major cosmetic companies and the majority of these products aren’t tested.

In actual fact, they may be one of the most harmful things you can use on your body, not to mention the cacophony of chemicals but also, many makeups are full of cancer-causing heavy metals.

Do you have any idea of what’s in your makeup?

Most personal care products don’t undergo any sort of regular testing, and is only loosely regulated – in fact, if you check, you’ll note that most don’t even include a list of ingredients.

Chemicals don’t have to be ingested to be dangerous. Sometimes, they are absorbed through your skin which can prove to be worse. It’s a nasty cocktail you might be subjecting yourself to every time you apply makeup.

As the Canada-based Environmental Defense group noted when they tested 49 different makeup items in a report titled “Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals In Face Makeup” the heavy metals present in lots of widely available commercial makeups is truly astonishing.

Researchers studied many major cosmetic brands and found serious heavy metal contamination in virtually all of the products;  96% contained lead, 90% contained beryllium, and 61% contained thallium. An additional 51% contained cadmium, while 20% contained arsenic.

Those are not things you want to be absorbing through your skin.

Cadmiun, for instance, is a known carcinogenic material, and any of these heavy metals, when absorbed regularly, can cause long-term heath effects to develop over time. With consistent use, they may increase your risk of cancer, reproductive disorders, and many other health issues.

In particular, be aware of these eighteen most dangerous makeups:

1. Maybelline Color Sensational (#125 Pink Petal)

2. L’Oreal Colour Riche (#410 Volcanic)

3. NARS Semi-Matte (#1005 Red Lizard)

4. CoverGirl Queen Collection Vibrant Hues (#580 Ruby Remix)

5. NARS Semi-Matte (#1009 Funny Face)

6. L’Oreal Colour Riche (#165 Tickled Pink)

7. L’Oreal Intensely Moisturizing Lipcolor (#748 Heroic)

8. CoverGirl Continuous Color (#025 Warm Brick)

9. Maybelline Color Sensation (#475 Mauve Me)

10. Stargazer Lipstick (#103c)

11. Revlon Matte (#009 Fabulous Fig)

12. Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color (#27 Mauvey)

13. Avon Beyond Color (#558 Mad for Mauve)

14. L’Oreal Endless (#530 Mauve Amour)

15. Revlon ColorStay (#375 Ripened Red)

16. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer (Toffee)

17. Revlon Super Lustrous Peal (#631 Luminous Pink)

18. Revlon Super Lustrous Peal (#643 Satin Plum)

Instead, consider safer alternatives – or learn to make your own natural makeups!

Check out the video below for some lead-free lipstick ideas: