Moringa Blend! Kills Herpes And Other Infections!

You are surely already aware of the countless health benefits of ginger, but in a combination with Moringa, it becomes a potent natural remedy which offers impressive effects.

Moringa has been commonly used by many civilizations for millennia, and the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks valued its powerful medicinal properties as well.

It effectively treats edema, allergies, stomach issues, and its antioxidant properties are beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, liver issues, heart disease, eye issues, bone tissue urolithiasis, wounds, and various skin and hair issues.

Moringa also has powerful antifungal and antibacterial qualities and treats infections, such as the herpes virus.

It is also a rich source of phytonutrients, which effectively prevent various medical conditions, like heart disease, low blood count, cancer, high blood pressure, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, bronchial asthma, sickle cell illness, and nephrotoxicity.

Here are the health benefits of Moringa:

1. Lowers Cholesterol

Studies have shown that Moringa regulates cholesterol levels even more successfully than statins.

2. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Moringa contains components such as isothiocyanate glycosides and thiocarbamate which act as hypnotists, which fight high blood pressure.

3. Arthritis Relief

Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties soothe inflammation, and the high nutrient content, including potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and calcium boost the locomotor system and prevent diseases.

4. Prevents Low Blood Count

It is loaded with nutrients, minerals, proteins, and vitamins, that prevent and treat anemia.

5. Treats Headaches

Moringa leaves soothe migraines, headaches, and pain, in general, due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Soothes Stomach Pains

Moringa treats stomach pain, prevents ulcers, and helps in the case of gastric acid.

7. Safeguards The Liver

It prevents liver diseases and helps the recovery of the optimal function of this important organ.

Studies have confirmed the numerous health benefits attributed to the consumption of ginger. This beneficial root treats diabetes, diarrhea, digestive issues, common colds, high blood sugar,  cough, and much more.

Here are some of its health benefits:

1. Dizziness When Traveling

To prevent motion sickness, consume ginger a few hours before your trip. You can drink an infusion of the dried ginger root. In the case of extended trips, you should take ginger half an hour before your trip.

2. Pregnancy

Ginger helps pregnant women to treat nausea and fatigue in the first trimester. Drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of dry ginger root several times daily.

Here is how to prepare it:


– 10 Moringa leaves

– 85 g natural ginger, freshly grated

– 4 glasses water

– 1 tsp raw natural honey (optional)


First, wash the ginger well. Then, slice it into pieces, and add them to the water. Boil for 10 minutes, remove the pot from heat and add the Moringa leaves. Steep for 5 minutes, strain, and sweeten with some honey.

Drink this remedy twice daily, a cup in the morning, and another one in the evening, before going to bed.

12 Amazing Benefits of Moringa For Health. They Call it the “Tree of Life”

This plant has been a great source of food for indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

It is rich in nutrients, minerals and provides the essential amino acids that the body needs to grow stronger, these compounds are also found in quinoa and meats, but in less manageable amounts.

Not only can it consume its leaves in the form of tea, also its seeds can be ingested. In addition, on the other hand, they contain abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Regardless of how it is consumed, whether it be tea leaf or seed, Moringa will generate the following benefits to the body:

Benefits of Moringa

1. Blood pressure

Increasingly is becoming a common condition in people, therefore, consuming this plant will help lower blood pressure, in addition, reduces oxidized lipids and protect the heart tissues from structural damage.

2. Control blood sugar levels

Its rich zinc content helps regulate the secretion of insulin. Regularly returning the amount of sugar that circulates in the body.

3. High fiber

In other words, it helps the body maintain a healthy digestive system, thus avoiding constipation and other intestinal problems.

4. Regulate cholesterol

Having no trace of it will help reverse the effects of high amounts. Therefore, it is an excellent medicine to benefit the heart.

5. Beautiful skin

Different oils can be extracted from the seeds to create a series of cosmetic products. They contain antioxidants and a good amount of vitamin A, just what the skin needs to be healthy.

6. Weight Loss

The moringa decomposes the saturated fats that are ingested and works with the digestive system to get rid of those we do not need. Doing this will greatly reduce the weight and fat in the belly.

7. Cancer

According to some scientists, its anticancer qualities can accelerate the count of cancer cell death, stopping its growth and development.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Could not miss, the plant is well known as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing pain and increasing the health of our joints.

9. Improve eyesight

Vitamin A found inside it strengthens the immune system and repairs the mucous membrane. That is, it is useful for our eyes and helps maintain a good vision.

10. Helps the immune system

We are all aware of the amazing benefits of vitamin C. The plant by containing a large amount of it, makes its consumption is ideal to boost the immune system.

11. Teeth and Bones

Being rich in zinc, calcium and many other minerals, it will keep bones and teeth strong. In addition, it helps the male libido because it facilitates spermatogenesis, the process of sperm production in men.

12. Stimulates hair growth

Vitamin C present can promote and improve blood circulation through the scalp to help grow and strengthen hair follicles.