This Eliminates All The Cockroaches In Your House, Without Using Toxic Chemicals

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Since time immemorial the cockroaches have taken a preponderant place within the infinite sea of ​​insects that exist in the whole world and along with this persistence in the time also they are characterized by being difficult to eradicate.

Whenever we believe that we have already finished with the last we see that they reappear and what is worse, we see them in places that are sensitive to our health, such as cooking.

Of course that with the years were developed all kinds of insecticide to try to eradicate them but precisely because it is an insect difficult to combat insecticides have to be more and more powerful and that implies, greater risks to health.

Many of them are toxic, can cause skin reactions, irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, and some are even attributed to being carcinogenic.

Today we will present a recipe to eliminate roaches definitively from your house without intoxicating your family or your pets.

This cockroach repellent is prepared quickly and practically using only a couple of simple and simple elements.


– 1 egg yolk

– Boric acid powder (between 30 and 50 g)

Preparation and use:

In a bowl mix the yolk with the boric acid until a solid mass is obtained. To form small balls with this preparation more or less than 1 cm in diameter.

Let them dry for about an hour and then place them in places where you frequently see cockroaches.

Remember that they often choose places where water circulates, such as pipes, grates and drains.

In order to avoid any possible ingestion accident it is advisable to place these pellets in places where they can not be reached by pets or children.

This preparation neutralizes cockroaches because boric acid contains substances that are lethal to humans, so that you and your family will be protected from all types of toxic insecticides.

After several days, you can repeat the procedure to guarantee the result.

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