How To Take Out All The Stones Lodged In Your Kidneys In 8 Days

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Kidney stones are like small calcium stones that accumulate in your kidneys because they have not been able to process it and stay lodged in your body.

They can be inside your body for a long time without noticing it, but when they move or detach they cause a lot of pain.

Men and women alike are candidates to suffer from them, it is a pain that many compare with labor.

When the stones come off they begin a journey to the urinary bladder to exit through the urine, but this process is slow and painful, and is accompanied by urinary tract infections due to the amount of blood that you expel when you break the blood vessels with the touch of calculations.

There are different ways to eliminate them, there are surgical procedures that will help you get rid of stones, but not everyone has the money to undergo surgery.

Then you can try homemade remedies that will help you exploit them and expel them without going to a doctor.

NO MORE STONES OR PAIN in your kidneys

We will show you a home remedy to eliminate them completely, surely there will be many people who will love this recipe. Beer has benefits because of its high barley content and helps to dilate the urinary tract.

On the other hand the lemon by its degree of acidity helps to soften and disrupt the calculations. In addition olive oil, lubricates the urinary tract and facilitates its expulsion.

What do you need:

-Lemon, Juice

-Olive oil (100 ml)

-Beer (100 ml)

Preparation and use:

You do not need much time to make this preparation is quite simple, you just have to mix all the ingredients in a container, until you get a homogeneous substance.

You should consume 50 ml daily in the mornings on an empty stomach. In this way its effect will be more powerful and faster.

On the fourth day you will notice that your urine is more yellow than usual, it is because the mixture is working and the stones are dissolving properly.

As the days go by the calculations will be completely dissolved and their expulsion will be easier because it is through urine. It will take approximately 8 days to eliminate them completely.

Do not hesitate to make this recipe, the combination of these ingredients make it a powerful and effective remedy.

With the passing of the days you will feel better and you will enjoy good health, so say goodbye to the stones and pain.

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